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Defog-It's Free!

Defog–It’s Free!

Feeling easily distracted, mentally flighty, or forgetful? You’re not alone. Researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh suggest you may be experiencing “brain fatigue.” If you want to defog, forget the psychiatrist; drop the medication. Instead, take a walk in the woods. Researchers found that time spent in green spaces, either walking or observing, re-sets your brain, makes you feel renewed, enhances concentration, and results in fewer symptoms of brain fatigue.

Mainline this research to the public schools where time allotted for recess has been slashed and gym classes have been the subject of budget cuts. Teachers and administrators beg for answers on how to get their students to increase time on task, focus on complex concepts, and score higher on standardized achievement tests. Fads have schools piping calming music into halls, projecting images of Zen landscapes onto Promethean boards, and leading kids in relaxing movements from their chairs. A simple, better solution may in fact be much easier–take a walk, breathe the air, and defog.

The best part, aside from time, it’s free!

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